Welcome to Surrey

The Nelson Brothers are heading down to Kipper’s studio on a beautiful blue and gold autumn morning. After hot chocolate in the station café, we take the train from Clapham Junction to Haslemere… then stroll down to the barn, guitars on backs…

Sadie is already there, working on vocals for the wonderful, ‘Everybody’s Got A Song’…

Simon’s tweeting with Jack Harris, chirping about their favourite guitarists in an ongoing conversation. James Taylor, John Martyn, Nic Jones, Marc Ribot and Bill Frisell all get a mention.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting on the sofa, the lava lamp in full flow, smiling at the comic touches in Sadie’s great new lyrics. It’s a long journey from the blank page to the airwaves but we’re all looking forward to hearing the reaction to these new songs…

After tea and muffins, we jam on acoustic guitars and dobro, turning a 70’s pop hit into a dark slice of Appalachia. Making mountain music in the heart of Surrey.

On the train home we met a young mandolin player heading up to London to perform in ‘Dirty Dancing’ in the West End. We exchanged names and he promised to look us up…

Maybe he’ll be a Hothead one day.

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0 # Elizabeth Conrad 2013-12-07 14:35
Maybe he will! :)
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